Cloud Station

Cloud station synchronizes data across all devices, every change you make will be automatically updated across all other devices. Build your own cloud to make your files readily available at any time and anywhere. 
It is flexible for home or business use giving you precise controls for the perfect file syncing experience for your needs or business needs.
File versioning and Intelliversioning

This retains up to 32 historical versions of a single file which allows you to restore a file from a previous point in time. The intelliversioning feature keeps only the most important versions, allowing users to go further back in time while preserving a limited number of versions.
Selective sync

You can choose individual folders that you want to sync to different devices based on file format and size. Sync small but critical files to your phone, work-in-progress documents to your PC and all the large sales and marketing materials to DiskStations in the branch offices.
Offline editing

During your busy day, it might be impossible to always stay connected to the internet. Feel free to edit files offline as all changes will be synced when you are reconnected to the internet.

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One off cost: £0
Monthly cost: £29