About Us

Impartial and independent IT advice

In a complex and ever changing technological environment, with disparate technology providers and ‘vendors’, your business needs not just expertise,

but impartial and trustworthy expertise. Being ‘technology agnostic’ we can give you genuine help to match systems to your business needs.

Our rule is we don’t supply anything to clients that we wouldn’t use ourselves – whether it’s something we develop or not. 

IT for digital business

We can help with digital transformation. This means your business doing the same work with fewer resources and more profit. 


IT and hosted software has great power to improve the efficiency of all of your operations. Speak to our independent experts to find out more.


We believe culture is a big deal when doing business with other businesses. Our culture is a big part of what makes us different.


It’s cooperative. It’s open internally and externally. It is supportive. There are strong specialisms within the team and everyone helps where they can. diversity and flexibility are valued.


These are the things that are integral to our business:

Why we are different

You will receive genuine advice when you contact us, not selling.

The Gbiz team is impartial in relation to available technology. We of course have our preferences based on our experience. We know which hardware is most often in for repair and which is reliable. But we always keep an open mind to new technology.

We provide real system design expertise – not just reselling products. We take full responsibility for it. You have a direct relationship with your supplier and we are in full control of the system.

We can provide tailor made systems based on our own technology where appropriate:

VOIP – our own network and you will deal directly with us, the network provider.

Hosted software – developed by us and supported by us.

Data integration specialists – we have built ‘data bridge’ products from scratch e.g. transferring data from a specialist CRM database to an email marketing / marketing automation platform.

We are business focused. We want to help you to be more efficient and make more profit. We are always ambitions for our clients.

Preventative maintenance – we will resolve potential issues before you know they are there. Cloud technology keeps you always on the latest version of your main software applications. Our endpoint security means that potential threats are constantly monitored. We will be alerted to anything suspicious and will respond.

We do everything to our own high standards. For example we will use Google products when possible as we know they are the best in class, but will use others if the same applies. And they will be configured to suit you.

You will always deal with real people. Whilst we have a ticketing system because it is the most efficient way of managing support calls, this is not the entire process. It will never get in the way of delivering the service. If we can answer you straight away then we will.