Electric IT Support

Many businesses are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and are making green choices for their business. This not only has environmental benefits, it quite often makes sound financial sense. All that's needed is to look past the normal way of doing things, and not be afraid to embrace newer technologies. Something we know a lot about, working in IT!

Some people may know we run an electric van in our business, but did you know we've had this van for 5 years. Our main reason for choosing electric over a traditional diesel was cost savings. Although the van cost more to purchase, the running costs are next to nothing. The total cost of ownership (purchase price plus annual running costs) have been a fraction of a diesel van. The environmental benefits were a welcome side effect.

Using an electric van, you become aware of how much electricity you're using, and it made perfect sense for us to fit solar panels to our shop in Marske. Even though we've now moved premises, the solar panels are still there, providing free electricity for the current tenants of the premises. Free solar electricity and electric vans compliment each other perfectly.

Now that we've moved to Kirkleatham, we've had the site install an electric charging point, not just for our use, but for the benefit of all the other businesses located there, of which a few of them already own electric cars. We all know that in the near future all new cars will be electric. This is testament to our forward thinking ahead of the curve strategy we took 5 years ago when we bought our van and installed the solar panels.

With increasing awareness of air quality during the Covid lockdown, the effect of less traffic on the road has not only improved the quality of our air, but also increased the use of cycling due to quieter roads. It will be a shame to see our air quality reduce once the world starts getting back to normal, and traffic starts to increase to pre-lockdown levels.

The good news is that whilst we're out supporting our business clients, or delivering inks and toners to end users, we're doing it in an environmentally sustainable way, just like we have been doing for the past 5 years.

Do you have an electric car? Are you thinking of going electric for your next car? Let us know what you think.

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