G Suite Training

Throughout April, we're running a series of online training sessions exclusively for our G Suite customers, to help you get the best from the tools you already have. When you're using the same tools every day, it's easy to forget there's a whole lot more to G suite than just Gmail and Drive

Core G Suite Services

  • Wed 1st Apr @ 10am: How to use and get the best out of Google Meet
  • Tue 7th Apr @ 10am: How to use and get the best out of Gmail
  • Wed 15th Apr @ 10am: Using Drive, Docs & Sheets
  • Wed 22nd Apr @ 10am: Securing your G Suite account

These are short, sharp refresher shots to remind you of tools you'd forgotten about, and inspiration to start using tools you didn't know were included in your G Suite subscription.

Each one takes around 30 mins, and all you need is a computer with some speakers, but if you have a webcam that will be useful too but not essential. The sessions are interactive, you can ask questions, sit and listen, or just take notes, whicher suits you best.

The sessions are free to join, but you must be a customer of ours to take part.

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