IT networking – there’s more to it than just connecting bits of kit

IT networking – there’s more to it than just connecting bits of kit

Like anything else, IT systems can be seen from both strategic and operational levels. It’s best to start by considering what we are trying to achieve, what needs we are serving, and problems we are solving. Otherwise, too much tinkering with systems and technology could have unintended consequences, limiting the possibilities of a business IT system. 

So, decisions on the main technologies to be used and how these cascade down are to be taken seriously. Things like cloud provision, data storage, office systems and telecoms will be included. Then building on experience of what works well together, what is compatible but needs to be effectively configured, and what technology to avoid. 

Unexpected problems can be encountered if the setup is not done rationally and well documented. We had a recent example in which we implemented a VoIP phone system for a client on one phone – proving the principle that they could make and receive calls from the office number but access from any device. Then when rolling the service out, we found that different parts of the office had different phone settings. So, a range of additional configuration work was required. We take this in our stride of course and work systematically to get it resolved. 

Another example was home-working client who had a problem with a wireless repeater. There had been numerous attempts by numerous suppliers to resolve it but to no avail. We found that we were able to apply previous network knowledge and experience to fix this. By identifying the manufacturer of a product that had been rebranded by the internet provider, and which in our experience had a known fault, we were able to specify something more suitable. The client hardly even knew they had the product, but we located it during our review of their network. So, with better hardware, and a suitable location within the working area, a huge increase in internet speed and reliable connectivity was provided.   

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