Top 5 tips for video meetings

You've been asked to join a video meeting, what should you do to make sure it goes smoothly? He're our top 5 tips to avoid a memorable meeting for all the wrong reasons.

1. Preparation is everything

You'll have been invited to join using the platform the organiser has chosen, so you may not be familiar with it. Most likely it will be on of the three major platforms, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Most platforms have similar features, but that's not what's important, preparation is.

Test your camera to make sure your camera it's working, check the lighting. For example if you have your back to a window, you'll appear as a dark silhouette to others in the meeting, which may not be the impression you're hoping to portray.

Make sure your speakers work, as well as your microphone, which brings us on to the second point

2. Mute your microphone

As soon as you join thevide meeting, mute your microphone. There's nothing worse than hearing everyone sniff, cough, or the sound of your kids clattering around in the background when you're trying to have a serious conversation.

3. Make sure you have strong WiFi

If you know you don't get a good connection to your router from the kitchen table, don't hold the video meeting from the kitchen table. Ideally you should be in the same room as your router, or an adjacent room at least. If you don't have fast internet and have other family members at home, ask if they can wait before starting to stream videos, or playing a Call of Duty game.

If you do have poor internet at home, connecting your laptop with an ethernet cable will give a better connection than WiFi

4. Get familiar with the platform

Most video meeting platforms are similar, but each has it's unique features. Have a play around wit the settings on the platform you'll be using before the meeting. Not just 5 minutes before, but an hour, or the day before. Figure out how to turn your microphone on and off, as well as your camera. If you'll be sharing your screen with other, work out how to do this, and most importantly, close all your other tabs and programs before starting. Not only will this make your computer faster, it'll prevent unwanted notifications during the meeting, and remove the risk of you sharing your facebook feed instead of that spreadsheet you've been working on.

5. Look presentable

Just like you wouldn't turn up to a face to face meeting in your pajamas or a scruffy t-shirt, don't turn up to a video meeting looking like you've just come back from your mates BBQ on the beach.

This extends to your background. Take a look behind you, are you broadcasting unnecessary clutter to everyone in the meeting, could you reposition yourself so there's just a blank wall behind you instead?

Have we missed anything? Have you had any disastrous video meetings, and what could you have done to prevent it? Let us know.


As well as all the excellent points raised by the G-Biz team, don't forget to unplug the telephone if it's in the same room as your computer and even if it's in the next room, make sure that a family member is briefed to answer it and deal with the call without interrupting you. Remember to disable your video cam if you must leave your desk for any reason - it look bad if a participant just stands up and walks away! If you feel a sneeze or cough coming on, hit the mute sound button prontissimo! Finally have a tumbler of water to hand - safely away from the keyboard but within easy reach - you'll be surprised how dry you mouth will become for no apparent reason.

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