Why use Google Workspace email?

There are many benefits to using Google Workspace web based email client rather than a desktop based mail client like Outlook. Here we run through the main reasons you should consider switching.

Access from Any Device, Anywhere

Instead of using an email client program for messages, Gmail uses your web browser. It's hosted in the cloud and all emails are backed up and protected to prevent permanent loss. Since Gmail is supported by the cloud, email messages can be accessed by staff no matter where they are located, on any device. This is an enormous advantage over server based e-mail programs that limit access to email services. Gmail will also update on its own and new features are seamlessly integrated.

Significant Online Storage Space

Gmail provides 25GB of storage space for businesses so that companies can hold onto plenty of messages, including large files. This is far superior to e-mail services that require the use a corporate server or hard drives.

Office compatibility

Gmail accounts can be easily synced up with Microsoft Outlook. This platform is quite popular amongst a wide range of businesses. When employees are using Outlook, quick and simple access to Gmail messages boosts their efficiency and productivity. Gmail users can also be simultaneously signed in to Gmail with multiple computing devices as well as Google Apps.

Interactive elements and bonus apps

Gmail empowers employees to conduct instant messaging (IM), calls and video conferencing with a few clicks of the mouse. These interactions can be saved within Gmail as well. This makes referencing of past IM and video chat content quite simple. Users aren't limited to merely initiating a phone call from Gmail's Integrated Hangouts. They're also able to receive phone calls as well. Aside from these Integrated Hangout functions, Gmail users also get access to Google Drive, Google Calendar and Google Sites.

Add ons and customization

Since Gmail has millions of users, it boasts a plethora of useful add-ons that help a wide array of businesses. These include Signals by Hubspot, sales tools like Yesware, branding tools, e-mail scheduling tools and many more within the Google Apps Marketplace and the Chrome store. Gmail can be further customized to use a company's specific domain name (@company name.com). Branding can be adding, advertisements can be removed and there's a wide range of unique business level controls as well.

Organization capabilities

Gmail boasts numerous features that empower employees to quickly and effectively organize their e-mails according to subject matter and importance. Gmail's labeling system groups message content with an unparalleled efficiency. Users can even combine their Yahoo e-mail accounts and Hotmail accounts with their Gmail account to consolidate all of their messages.


Gmail for Business accounts are backed up on Google's platform that guarantees uptime as well as consistent service. Data is transmitted through a secure SSL encrypted connection and there is a two factor authentication security safeguard. Users can confirm their ownership of a Gmail account for immediate access by producing the correct password associated with the account or through mobile authentication.

Gmail for Business provides all of the above features for a very competitive low cost of only $5 per month per user. This is a small price to pay for diverse functionality and access to an ever-evolving e-mail service used by the most innovative companies, universities and governments in the world.

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