Top 6 working from home tips

1. A slow computer costs money

Waiting five seconds more for your computer to boot up, or an extra couple of seconds for your web page to load might not seem like a big deal, until you add up all those few seconds throughout your day it can often add up to an hour or more of lost time. This is not only a cost to your business, but frustrating to your staff. Make sure you value your staff by providing them with a decent computer or laptop to do their job properly, and they may value you more as an employer.

2. More screen space, more productivity

If you've never used 2 screens before, you really don't know what you're missing, and you should really try it. It really will increase your productivity. If you normally use 2 screens, but are working from home with one screen, I feel for you the most. You can connect a second screen with ease to any laptop, and most desktop computers to give that much needed extra screen space to work as efficiently as you do at the office.

3. Better video meetings with a better webcam

Webcams fitted to most laptops are very poor, much like those you'll find in your local supermarket. A low resolution webcam with a poor microphone isn't going to do you much justice when communicating with clients. Just like you wouldn't show up at a clients office in your scruffy clothes, why show up in a video meeting with a low resolution image and poor audio? A decent webcam has stereo microphones, clearer image details and better quality in low light. The Logitech c920 is an excellent webcam and is our top pick for quality.

4. Any speakers are better than laptop speakers

If you're in a video meeting with multiple people, all trying to talk at the same time, the speakers built i to your laptop can make keeping up harder than necessary. Even the most basic set of external speakers can make conversations much clearer, as they can play a higher range of sounds than your laptop speakers, simply because they're larger. The bonus is that this is probably one of the cheapest upgrades you can add to your home working experience.

5. A dock makes all the difference

If you need to take your laptop out with you, or if you use it away from your home working space, then a dock makes connecting and disconnecting everything much easier, as there's only 1 cable to unplug each time. And if your laptop is new enough to charge from USB-C, then you don't even need an extra charging cable, as the dock will not only connect all your devices such as screens, keyboard, printer, speakers etc, but will also charge your laptop from the same single connection.

6. Do you really need to print that?

Well yes, sometimes you do. Much as we'd all like to be paperless, sometimes things need to be printed. You'll probably know the biggest cost of a printer is not the purchase price, but the cost of the inks or toners. For home printing an inkjet is usually the best choice, but make sure the replacement inks are good value. We recommend the Epson WorkForce range of printers for low running costs and a good range of features, especially those with a document feeder on the scanner.

Get the basics right first

Get the basics right first

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